How Much Can I Earn as a Foster Carer?

All foster carers get paid a foster carer allowance, and it covers the time for when a child/young person is placed with you.

The foster carer allowance (or fostering allowance) is an amount of money paid to a foster carer to cover the necessities of the care of a child – this covers food, clothing, travel, holidays, activities, savings and pocket money for the child placed – basically, everything! We pay our foster carers on a monthly basis, but the fostering allowance is based on a weekly rate. The allowance covers both an element of care provided to the child (e.g. clothes, food, home) and a salary element to you as a foster carer. The fostering allowance is eligible for tax relief, so the majority of foster carers pay none or hardly any income tax on their foster care allowance.

At CFS we are open with you about finances and are happy to discuss your queries in an open manner. We consider that we pay a generous and highly competitive weekly amount to ensure that you can offer a child the best standard of care.

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