Transfer to CFS

Are you looking to transfer from your current fostering agency to CFS?

Just because you are already an approved foster carer does not mean you cannot join another fostering agency and if you have children in placement bring them along with you.

It is your right to transfer from another independent fostering agency or local authority and join our friendly team at CFS.  When you make the decision to transfer with us, we will be with you every step of the way. And when you are approved you will know you made the right decision where are friendly team are ready and waiting to provide you with all the support, guidance and training you need.

Transferring to CFS is your right and its neither complicated nor stressful.

It is important to remember that if you are already an approved foster carer you have the right to transfer to another agency. It is ok to want to change agencies. There are times in our lives when we know it is the right thing to do to make a change and it is no different for foster carers who want to change to the agency that is right for them. It is your right to make that change whether you have children in placement or not. If you do have children in placement then you can transfer with them if it is what you all want, and it is the right thing to do.

There could be a whole raft of reasons why you want to transfer to CFS fostering – You know one of our foster carers who have told you all about us and the benefits of being part of a small local friendly team. Your current fostering agency has grown too big, and it is not the same agency from when you first joined, and you want that more personal friendly environment feeling back again.

Whatever your reason for wanting to change transferring to CFS may indeed be the right thing for you right now.

We understand all the reasons why foster carers want to make the change and join us at CFS, so we are here ready and waiting to talk to you

Transfer Process

As an approved foster carer, you will be familiar with the assessment and panel process and because you already have experience, we can work together to make sure it is a stress free and efficient process.

You do not need to be anxious about the transfer process because at CFS we are experienced at taking the strain out of the process.

Because you are already an approved foster carer your application, assessment and approval process can be much quicker and more straightforward. We share information and work together to make it happen as efficiently as possible. You and your family are supported throughout the process, and we all begin the new and exciting journey together.  We are with you at every stage on the journey to a fresh start in your fostering career.

At CFS, we know how to take you through the process without it being a drama – Together, we make it happen.

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