Giving every young person the future that they deserve

We are passionate about providing young people with the highest standards of support and accommodation. Our mission is to raise the bar in every aspect of the supported accommodation sector for Care Leavers and other vulnerable groups. We believe that these young people deserve more; Everything we aim to achieve is based upon this belief. This Services Guide offers a summary of what we do and how we do it. Crucially, everything we do is based upon achieving positive growth and safe, effective support that is rooted in enabling young people to secure sustainable independence in adulthood.

Our Home’s

CFS Care have developed an outstanding Pathway to Independence Framework that encompasses key life skills, personal safety and well-being, education, employment and training, banking and personal finance management, housing matters, tenancy sustainability, household management and many, many other core issues for young people.

This is an evidence based process will consolidate relevant AQA Unit Award AccreditationYoung Person’s Outcomes Star and a Passport to Independence plan that is used by local authorities to evidence progress and achievement.

Regular reporting systems seek to keep placing authorities and in particular, social workers and personal advisors informed of recent events, successes and general progress. We believe in maintaining effective and meaningful communication, which is an essential part of meeting the needs of young people and keeping them safe from potential harm.

CFS Care are able provide bespoke packages of support to meet the needs of young people CFS Care have a range of services from fostering to supported Accommodation 24/7 Group Living Support. This enables us to able to offer transition pathways for young people in line with their needs which give the young person the opportunity to get the best outcomes.

To make a referral contact us on either 07471742403 or alternatively email us on referral@cfscare.co.uk

CFS Care’s Operational Values

Our great strength lies in our outcome focused practice, looking to promote the best opportunities for every young person we support. To do this we must Empower our Young People, so they take steps toward leaving care and transition successfully into independence.

The organisation ask’s all employee’s to have Integrity, be Transparent and Accountable, by sharing and expressing their views, ideas, strengths and support needs.  We want to share our successes and celebrate them, whilst offering a helping hand where needed!

To develop and grow, our staff team must be Resilient and Flexible. The job role can often be challenging, and we must be resilient and flexible in our approach with the Young People we support, to allow them the best opportunities.

Strategic Values

Excellence, Innovation, Compliance,
Creativity, Growth, Collaboration

Operational Values

Resilience, Transparency, Flexibility, Empowerment,

Accountability, Outcome focused, Integrity

Young People’s Values

Opportunities, Consistency, Passion, Involvement,

Respect and Honesty