CFS Care Receive Glowing Ofsted Report

CFS Care received a glowing report from Ofsted, following their first-ever inspection as an Ofsted registered care provider.

Receiving “Good” across the board, the highest a company can achieve in their first inspection is a testament to the emphasis of quality that CFS has implemented across the entire organisation. 

The outcome will provide a solid foundation upon which CFS Care can move forward with the exciting plans it has to provide the highest quality of care matched with positive outcomes and loving homes for children, young people and families right across the North West.

In relation to the results of the report, Lianne Daniel, Managing Director, at CFS Care said: 

“The decision by Ofsted to grade our service good in all areas should not be underestimated, as a brand new provider of fostering services we have been given a ringing endorsement of the rich and diverse approach that we are providing and this judgement will give us further encouragement to maintain our momentum in the future.”

Lianne continued; 

“The agency has worked hard on building an infrastructure that was solid from the beginning, which was the foundation for the excellent outcome of the inspection. We have very experienced professionals who are committed to ensuring that applicants, children and young people and our local authority colleagues receive the best possible service and that all put the young people at the very centre of what we do. To achieve such a positive grading in our first ever Ofsted report is evidence that our model works.”

“Personally I am very pleased that Ofsted has recognised the vision that CFS Care has for ensuring that children who have been traumatised by multiple placement breakdowns or have requested a move to a family from their residential home are given the best opportunity to be matched with a permanent home with a loving family.”

CFS Care’s fostering services cover the North West of England with an emphasis on meeting the needs of children aged from 8 years and up. It’s a unique new model, which provides direct access to support services such as therapists, has been developed to maximise the benefit to the young people in care and increase positive outcomes for all parties involved.

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