I started my fostering journey with CFS Care after passing my fostering panel in December 2021, it was a easy decision for me to make as I have always had friends of my daughters or friends of the family living with me as part my family for over 13 years and when Covid happened and we was all in lockdown a friend who fosters for CFS recommended I talk to them and come away from a job I wasn’t happy in and do what I really enjoyed doing, caring for children, it then went from there!

The assessment I found quite intense as I didn’t always have the best or easiest childhood, so having to b so open and to discuss this was not easy, but I also believe this is the reason I do what I do and love what I do! I foster because I don’t want another child having to grow up like I did. I have to say all the way through the assessment I was supported very well by the whole CFS Care team, I never felt alone through any of it.

Since I have been approved as a foster carer, I have had a few children placed with myself and my family and even though at times it could be challenging and each child has been completely different I really wouldn’t change it, when you notice a change in them even a tiny change it makes it all worth while. The sense of achievement is amazing knowing you have helped put a smile on a child’s face or changed their opinion about themselves or the world.

If your thinking “I would love to do..” but I not sure if you can, all I can say to you is DO IT! As long as you have that spare room and the time and patience to help children, talk to CFS Care, as you never know you could be that next amazing person to make a massive difference to a child’s life!

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